Best Ramen of Miami

Award 2020

“With two locations and nine delicious kinds of ramen on the menu - including curry, dandan, and vegetarian, in addition to the house and spicy miso flavors - Ichimi was riding a wave of popularity when the pandemic hit. But the restaurant didn’t let coronavirus stop it from serving loyal customers, its signature bowls filled to the brim with broth, noodles, proteins, eggs, and vegetables. Pivoting smartly, it started packaging cooked ingredients in to-go bowls and signature broths in separate containers, so nothing would get soggy along the way. And management made the equally good decision to use its own ( free ) delivery service, which never dawdles. When you want Ichimi ramen - which you do, often, once you’ve had it - you get Ichimi ramen. Pandemic or no pandemic. “

Our Top 5

Ichimi Ramen


Our famous tonkatsu soup base infused with our secret blended soy sauce.

Crispy Chicken Rice Bowl


Chicken Katsu, Curry, Potato, Celery, Carrots

Spicy Miso Ramen


Spicy Miso with tonkatsu soup base infused with button.

Pork Belly Bao


Kraken, Shrimp, Ribs, Brisket Buns are also available at every locations.

Pork Gyoza


Chicken, Garden, Shrimp Gyoza are also available at every locations.

Lunch Special
Monday - Friday
12 - 3 PM
Holiday Hours Excluded.
Happy Hour
Monday - Friday
3 - 7 PM
Holiday Hours Excluded.

Our Location


Everyday     12 PM  -  10:30 PM

About Us







At Ichimi, we ensuring not only our delicious tasting ramen but also our great service and atmosphere. We will continue to share our authentic tonkotsu ramen, that we have pursued to the highest quality, throughout the world.

We have pursued the highest flavor quality for our Tonkotsu ramen. We have continued two flavors that have become the pillars of our restaurant. It is smooth and yet has a rich flavor. While sticking to the traditional way of making tonkotsu ramen, we have added our own special way of creating this delicious ramen through our method where  we add many flayers of depth to our lavors. We cook our soup in a special soup  cauldron for 20 hours, which makes our tonkotsu broth is smooth like silk and has a deep flavor.

Apart from that, we proudly created plenty of Pan-Asian dishes that will tickle your taste buds. Pairing with our selected Japanese beer and Sake, your adventure around Asia start now.